Merger Antitrust Law (2018)

Dale Collins
NYU School of Law
Georgetown University Law Center

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This page contains the memorandum introducing the course, class schedule, reading materials, and class notes for the Merger Antitrust Law course taught during the 2018 fall semester at Georgetown. It also contains links to related supplemental materials on the Applied Antitrust web site.

Memorandum introducing the course

Class schedule

Required Reading
Comments and Optional Reading
Unit 1
Introduction to Merger Antitrust Law: Substance and Process

Class 1

Tuesday, August 28



Unit 2
Predicting Merger Enfrocement Challenges

Class 2

Thursday, August 30



Class 3

Tuesday, September 4


Unit 3
The DOJ/FTC Merger Review Process

Class 4

Thursday, September 6


DOJ Model Second Request (Nov. 28, 2016)

FTC Model Second Request (August 2015)

Class 5

Tuesday, Seoptember 11

Unit 4
Merger Antitrust Litigation


Class 6

Thursday, September 13

Antitrust considerations and the merger agreement


For a collection of antitrust-related provisions appearing in merger agreements, see Dale Collins, Sample Antitrust-Related Provisions in M&A Agreements, AntitrustUnpacked.com (Nov. 2014)

Unit 5

Class 7

Tuesday, September 18

The bidding war


Unit 6
Hertz/Avis Budget/Dollar Thrifty

Class 8

Thursday, September 20

the 2010 Hertz/Dollar Thrifty deal



Class 9

Tuesday, September 25

Antitrust consdierations and the merger agreement


For a more complete collection of primary sources and commentary on the Hertz/Avis Budget/Dollar Thrifty machinations than in the reading materials, including press releases, investor presentations, SEC filings, background information, and commentary, click here.

Class 10

Thursday, September 27

FTC review and settlement


Class 11

Tuesday, October 3

In-class case study

Unit 7
Competition Economics

Class 12

Thursday, October 9

Basic concepts

Unit 8
H&R Block/TaxACT

Class 13

Thursday, October 11


Class 14

Tuesday, October 16


Class 15

Thursday, October 18



Class 16

Tuesday, October 23


Unit 9
ABInbev/Grupo Modelo

Class 17

Thursday, October 25

Unit 10
Sysco/U.S. Foods

Class 18

Tuesday, October 30

Coordinated effects
Unilateral effects

Unit 11
Staples/Office Depot

Class 19

Thursday, November 1


Unit 12

Class 20

Tuesday, November 6

Unit 13

Class 21

Thursday, Novermber 8

Unit 14
Short Horizontal Case Studies

Class 22

Tuesday, November 13

Unit 15
Nonhorizontal Mergers

Class 23

Thursday, November 15


Class 24

Tuesday, November 20



Class 25

Tuesday, November 27


Unit 11
Putting It All Togehter
Class 26

Thursday, November 29